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Why Snackify?

Lets go back to that time you were sitting at your desk at work and out of nowhere your stomach growls. You ignore it but seconds later it growls two times louder then then the first time. It’s still not time for your lunch break and all you can think about is a delicious bag of Doritos. You race to the office kitchen and it’s almost like your 10 again on an Easter egg hunt. After wasting precious work minutes all you’ve come to find is a half eaten granola bar and a opened bag of Cheetos that are stale. In some way you’ve probably been there before!

It's our mission to satisfy those empty stomachs and to put an end to the distracting growling. We are normal employees just like you that have time and time again went hungry during those ardous working hours. Snackify lets you get the nutrition you need and helps you focus at work while eating the snack you like most. This will help employers in many ways and most importanly it will give their workers a more positive attitude and will increase their work output. All because of a satisfying snack.

Meet The Team!

Picture of Andrew Maddocks

Andrew Maddocks


Picture of Young Won

Young Won


Picture of Andrew Wilson

Andrew Wilson

Front End

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John Shoff

Front End

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Lucas Bazemore

Back End

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Luis Ocasio


Picture of Mark

Mark Artishuk

Front End

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Mikaela Currier

Project Lead